Upload and share a video

2 mins to read

To share a video, you first have to go to the video page you want to share. If you are the publisher, you can list all your videos via the left-menu three dots option My Videos. Once on the video page, you just have to click the Share button, and are presented with a few options:

Modal presenting options to share a video

  1. a URL to the video, i.e.: https://framatube.org/videos/watch/9db9f3f1-9b54-44ed-9e91-461d262d2205. This address can be sent to your contact the way you want ; they will be able to access the video directly.
  2. an embed code that allows you to insert a video player in your website.

Tip : the small icones at the end of the line allow you to copy the whole URL at once.

Download a video

You can download videos directly from the web interface of PeerTube, by clicking the dot button “…” aside the title, and then the “Download” option. A choice is then given to you regarding how you want to download:

Modal presenting options to download a video

  • “Direct Download”, which does what it says: your web browser downloads the video from the origin server of the video.
  • peer-to-peer download via “Torrent”, where you need a WebTorrent compatible client to download the video not only from the origin server but also from other peers watching the video or sharing it from their own WebTorrent-compatible clients at home! (by doing so you help the network be more resilient!) - any BitTorrent can also download the video, but without WebTorrent support they won’t be able to exchange with web browsers.

Tip : depending on the instance, you can download the video in different formats. However, please make sure you are granted a licence compatible with the planned usage of the video beforehand.