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Admins can use PeerTube logs to understand what happens on their instances. There are two types of logs.

Standard logs

Logs HTTP requests, and some information depending on the log level defined in the configuration (production.yaml under log -> level key).

Can be read:

Audit logs

Available in PeerTube 2.1

Logs resources creation/update/deletion with the user who did the action.

Resources can be:

  • Videos
  • Video imports
  • Comments
  • Video channels
  • Video abuses
  • Custom config


audit[13/12/2019 à 15:31:31]By chocobozzz ->videos -> update

  "user": "chocobozzz",
  "domain": "videos",
  "action": "update",
  "video-tags": [],
  "video-uuid": "1974ddde-3d83-4cfa-af68-5ab77f588c9d",
  "video-id": 89655,
  "video-createdAt": "2019-12-13T14:31:26.525Z",
  "video-updatedAt": "2019-12-13T14:31:27.175Z",
  "video-publishedAt": "2019-12-13T14:31:27.175Z",
  "video-description": null,
  "video-duration": 2,
  "video-isLocal": true,
  "video-name": "60fps_small",
  "video-thumbnailPath": "/static/thumbnails/1974ddde-3d83-4cfa-af68-5ab77f588c9d.jpg",
  "video-previewPath": "/static/previews/1974ddde-3d83-4cfa-af68-5ab77f588c9d.jpg",
  "video-nsfw": false,
  "video-waitTranscoding": true,
  "video-account-id": 37855,
  "video-account-name": "chocobozzz",
  "video-channel-id": 5187,
  "video-channel-name": "chocobozzz_channel",
  "video-support": null,
  "video-commentsEnabled": true,
  "video-downloadEnabled": true,
  "new-video-updatedAt": "2019-12-13T14:31:31.538Z",
  "new-video-name": "test video"

Can be read in your logs directory or in the web interface Administration > System > Logs.