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Report content

With your PeerTube account

To report content while logged into your PeerTube account, you must, on the content page:

  1. click
  2. click Report
  3. describe what's wrong with this content: * Violent or repulsive * Hateful or abusive * Spam, ad or false news * Privacy breach or doxxing * Copyright * Breaks server rules * Thumbnails (the issue is with the thumbnail) * Captions (the issue is with the captions)
  4. [Optional] (if needed, you can point at the timestamp)
  5. describe the issue (remember that what is obvious for you may not be obvious to the person receiving the report)


If the content is hosted on another instance, the report will be forwarded to this instance too.

image of report popup

As a visitor

To report content while not logged into an account, you have to:

  1. click on About (left hand menu)
  2. click Contact us button
  3. fill all fields, describe the issue , and paste the content URL